Substance Abuse

If you are reading this page you or someone you care about may be having a problem with substance abuse or chemical dependency.  Humans have been using mind or mood altering substances since the beginning of written history.  Today we seem to be experiencing an increase in their use.  Drugs and or alcohol can cause serious problems in our lives.  The abuse of substances can cause legal problems, disruption in family life, workplace difficulty, and a breakdown in physical health.  These problems may seem overwhelming or impossible to fix.  The good news is;  there is a way out.  Use and abuse of any substance does not have to ruin lives.  You or the person you care about can turn the disappointments, disruptions, and losses into success. Join the millions of people who have chosen to leave drugs and alcohol behind.  The first step is to talk to someone about the problem.  There is hope and help for the person using drugs and alcohol.  Call me or email me.  Any discussions are confidential

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